Using Juicy Fruit gum to get rid of moles in the yard

In a word, DON'T.

DON'T get rid of moles in your yard with Juicy Fruit gum. It's not a very humane practice and it also isn't even guaranteed to work. It's an urban legend or a myth, if you like, much the same as the old ‘wildlife repellent' that is cayenne pepper. It actually doesn't work half as well as everyone makes it out to.

Not just used for moles, Juicy Fruit gum is one of those old wives' tales that has been passed down through the generations, and once upon a time, this method of mole removal might have had some impact. In this day and age, however, there is no need to resort to such inhumane and drastic measures, especially when there are actually tools that are designed to do the job so much better. You will have much more success using traps to catch moles, than you will using Juicy Fruit gum in a bid to kill them.

That's the way that Juicy Fruit gum is meant to work for moles – it kills them by blocking up their digestive system, causing them to die of starvation, blockages that then cause internal ruptures, or other really quite unpleasant digestive disorders. If the gum makes its way through the mole's system enough, it may even block the exit, causing it to die from being unable to excrete waste matter. This builds up toxins and other nasties in the body that would kill a mole, usually through infections.

According to old tales, you must only use gum that is flavoured ‘Juicy Fruit'. It doesn't need to be a specific brand because the flavour is what entices them in.

We do not recommend using Juicy Fruit gum to get rid of moles. It can be eaten by other wild animals very easily, causing them to suffer and maybe even die. Your own pets could fall victim to this incorrect method of mole removal.

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