Natural remedies to get rid of moles

There are a number of reported ‘natural' or ‘home' remedies for getting rid of moles, just as there are with many other wild animals. You should be aware, however, that natural remedies just don't seem to work in today's society, if they even worked at all in the first place.

Among the home remedies you will find, castor oil and dish soap, such as Dawn soap, are often mentioned. These have been shown to have little or no effectiveness in repelling moles, and could actually be detrimental to the cause of trying to get them out. The castor oil and Dish soap combination is designed to make the soil/earth taste and smell bad, keeping out not just moles, but also insects. If that particular tunnel doesn't have any insects within it, there is no reason for the mole to go along it, thus abandoning it. This will not GET RID of a mole, but will just encourage it to move away from that one particular spot. In order to have this repelling effect all over your property, you would need to spray the castor oil or dish soap concoction over every square inch of your land and, after a while, that will start to get expensive. Much more expensive than what it would have just cost you to hire the professionals.

Other so-called natural or home remedies for moles include using lights and sound devices. In some cases, these can work, but again, they will just repel the moles from that one particular area, if they work at all, rather than protecting your entire patch of land. You will also find that some of these devices are expensive to buy, and can also be expensive to run, particularly over a long time. Noise and sound devices will either need to be solar-powered to run on their own steam, or plugged into a mains/ battery operated otherwise. This will mean that you will have to pay out for replacement batteries regularly, or pay for the additional cost of running yet another machine in your energy bills.

Vibration devices work in the same way as noise and light machines, all with the intention of moving that mole alone, but just as with so many other remedies or repellents, the devices don't do the job for long. As soon as the devices are moved or turned off, the mole is free to come back, right alongside other wild animals that will now make use of what could be an empty mole hill just begging to be snapped up. For the record, rats and plenty of other wild critters will snap up an empty den or tunnel system left behind by another animal. It would be preferable if you could eliminate the mole tunnels entirely, but you won't always be able to see where these are. The more frequently used tunnel systems are often much deeper below the ground than the temporary, close-to-the-surface ones and aren't easily spotted or tracked.

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