Mole Repellents

When it comes to dealing with any pest animal, you will usually find that your local hardware store or garden center will have a product that is said to be guaranteed to get rid of the animal from your property. These are usually items that have a scent said to drive animals away, which can either be chemical or natural in terms of their base, while audio repellents are also available. When it comes to dealing with moles, a quick online search will also give you several home remedies that claim to get rid of the moles that are causing problems in your yard or garden, but how effective are these repellents at delivering on their promises?

Problems Caused By Moles In Yards And Gardens

There is no doubt that for those who are proud of their gardens, or like to produce plenty of vegetables from their plant beds, that moles can cause a range of problems. The first problem is that the tunnels that the moles will dig will cause the soil to collapse into these tunnels, making the surface uneven, while they also push excess soil to the surface to make unsightly molehills. The other problem that moles cause is that their digging can undermine the roots of plants, meaning that they don't grow as strongly or in some cases they fail to grow at all.

Mole Repellents

There are several different options available that are said to solve your mole problem, and they will generally fall into the following categories.

  • Chemical Repellents — These products are ones that will usually work with an unpleasant scent, and will usually require you to pour it into the mole's tunnels, or with a liquid to spray it over the entire lawn or garden so that it seeps down into the soil beneath. Bear in mind this can also have other effects on your yard or garden, and it is important to check if it is toxic if you have pets or children.
  • Ultrasonic Repellents — These devices are usually battery operated, and are most commonly found in the shape of a mushroom or similar, with a spike at the bottom which you use to embed the device into the soil of your garden. This will then emit a high pitched noise that is said to drive the moles away.
  • Plants That Get Rid OF Moles — While there are plenty of repellents that you apply to your garden, many gardeners will suggest that moles don't like certain plants. Among the common plants said to repel moles are marigolds, dahlias, castor beans and daffodils, and especially with the flowers, even if they don't get rid of the moles they are still attractive.
  • Castor Oil And Other Home Remedies — Castor oil is one of the most commonly quote home remedies for getting rid of moles, while a mix of castor oil and dish soap is also often quoted. These are then usually sprayed or poured around the yard or garden so that they seep into the soil.

Dealing With A Mole Infestation

The truth is that mole repellents are at best ineffective, and at worst can delay people from actually dealing with the problem of the moles in the garden. Trapping is the most effective way to deal with the problem, and common traps include spear traps, scissor traps and tunnel traps, with each one dealing with the problem animal for you. In most cases, you are only likely to have one mole present as they are solitary creatures, although during the spring they will occasionally come together briefly to mate, before returning to their own territory.

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