Signs of Moles in Your Yard

There are two very big signs that you have moles in your yard – the good old molehill that we have come to associate with the animal, and patches of your lawn that have become raised and ridged, rather than flat and smooth as they used to be. Both of these signs show that moles are working away beneath the surface.


These are usually shaped a little line a cone, slimmer at the top than they are at the bottom, and are made up of dirt that has been moved around by the mole under the surface. The mole is building a home down there – lots of chambers and tunnels that lead deeper and deeper. All that dirt and earth needs to go somewhere, so the mole chucks it up to the surface and molehills are created.

Other animals that can cause molehill-type structures:

Moles aren't actually the only animals that create structures that are similar to molehills. Voles can also leave behind similar holes in your lawn, and mole-rats are another culprit. Raccoons are also known to dig around in the grass, looking for insects, but they're digging habits tend to be a little more haphazard and all over the place. They're not exactly known for their tidiness.

Raised & Ridged Tunnels

Moles create two main types of tunnels under the ground. The temporary ones are the ones that make these ridged and raised tunnels that you spot in the lawn, usually accompanied with molehills. The more permanent, living tunnels are much further down. These can be 30 cm below the surface and deeper, and are also a couple of inches around too.

Other animals that can cause similar tunnels:

Voles are also known to create runways in the lawn, but they are more like open tunnels/runways, rather than raised or ridged. Both moles and voles are known to work all-year round, and moles especially can create tunnels that are in excess of 100 feet per day. If you leave them to their own devices for long enough, they'll be creating damage beneath the surface that amounts to 15 feet for every hour. If that tunnel is beneath your property, it won't be long before you find yourself experiencing structural problems. Even tunnels and holes in open land can be dangerous, particularly for horses, cattle, and other animals, wild and domesticated/agricultural alike.

Other signs of mole activity:

Of course, tunnels and molehills aren't the only signs that you have moles on your property, but they are the two that are likely to stand out to you. It is important to pay attention to anything that is out of the ordinary on your property, because it could very easily be a sign that you have an animal infestation of some description going on.

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