Different kinds of traps for moles

When it comes to traps for moles, the kind of trap that you buy will depend on the kind of job that you want it to do. You have kill traps and live traps, and you should check the rules of using these for your particular area. There are very set rules for capturing, moving, and killing wild animals, and these laws and rules change from one county, city, or state to another. In some places, you may require a permit in order to get the job done properly.

Traps will usually come in the form of a tunnel-shaped trap, and these are designed to be placed into the trap for the mole to run right into, or a scissor trap. Once it does run into the tunnel trap, it is snapped up, either killed with scissor-like grip, much like a rat trap, or it is contained in the tunnel, ready for you to then free it.

Scissor traps are much more open, not enclosed, easy to fine tune (in most cases) to ensure it is as sensitive as it needs to be to catch your problematic mole, and has a relatively foolproof design that does the job.

Many things can change how effective your trap will be. If you put the traps, either of them, into a tunnel that is not used, it will not work. Probes can be used to find tunnels, and the ones that are deeper down are more commonly used than the ones higher up, towards the surface. These higher ones are temporary, used by the moles to find a mate or branch out from their existing tunnels for food.

With both of these trap styles, stones and rocks can affect the way the trap works underground, but when placed and baited correctly, will not only capture a mole, but will also kill it instantly, providing a safe and humane outcome for everyone involved.

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