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Welcome to Tuscaloosa Mole Control! We are a wildlife control company which services Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. We specialize in the removal of moles - the animals - and other unwanted animals you may have on your property. Moles love to dig tunnels, resulting in large molehills and tunnels all over your yard. While these aren't exactly dangerous, they can damage your landscape and backyard and cause a nuisance. To deal with moles, we use professional trapping methods and make sure to prevent moles from overrunning your property again. Call us 24/7 at 205-814-6286 to schedule an appointment the same day or the next. We aren't considered Tuscaloosa's best animal removal company for nothing! You can check out our Tuscaloosa mole removal prices. Some of the services we offer include:

  • 100% Mole Removal Via Trapping
  • Full Property, Garden, & Yard Inspections
  • Prevention and Lawn Treatments
  • Poison-Free Mole Control
  • Effective Mole Trapping Methods
  • Repair of Lawn and Sod, Mole Hill Removal

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Tuscaloosa mole control

We are experts in mole control and are not your typical Tuscaloosa, Alabama pest control or exterminator company. First, we do not use poisons or the majority of repellents, since they do not work. Moles are difficult to remove and can only really be completely removed from your yard with mole traps, a process we have practiced and perfected over the years. In addition, if a mother mole has babies, we will make sure to remove her pups by hand before dealing with the mother mole. We are not a typical Tuscaloosa mole exterminator company. We completely solve your mole problem by taking these steps:

  • Inspect the entire property grounds - lawn, yard, garden, etc.
  • Set several pro traps in mole tunnels - the correct and safe way!
  • Remove all moles as they are caught and monitor for activity
  • Once there is no more activity and no more moles caught, we're done
  • When needed, fill in tunnels and seal with underground fencing

What Prices Do We Charge?

Every wildlife situation is different: How many moles? Size of lawn? Do you need trapping, prevention, repairs? Call us and we can give pricing for your specific situation.

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Tuscaloosa mole pest control animal tip: Home remedies to get rid of moles in yard

It is sad if you have tendered to, watered, and cared for your lawn, only to be hard done by small, burrowing pests; Moles.

Not only do moles damage your lawns, gardens, plants, and cause other unsightly activity around your property, they can also transmit diseases like rabies. The menace of moles might not be significant in the city, but it is in suburban areas and the countryside.

How do you detect a mole infestation?

You don't need forensics or other investigators to show you areas where moles are colonizing. The unsightly, uneven and scattered mounds that pile up from their burrowing provides convincing evidence of their presence.

Home remedies to get rid of moles

People prefer to use home remedies as opposed to synthetic or un-natural methods because;

  • The chemicals are usually harmful to plants
  • Chemicals often affect the soil and fertility
  • Pesticides could lead to accidentally poisoning your pets
However, some home remedies to use include:

Use of castor oil

If there is one natural substance that repels moles, it's castor oil. Apart from the fact that it irritates their skin and digestive tracts, they find the smell repulsive. Also, castor oil checks insect damage to the plant without affecting it.

You can create a spray using castor oil, dish soap, water, and chili. Then spray the mixture wherever you see molehills.

Mole-repelling flowers

There are some plants safe for man, but repulsive to moles. You can grow these plants at strategic places. Examples of such plants are; marigolds, daffodils, and plants from the allium family.

Common spices and ingredients

While you may find your chili, cayenne pepper, and coffee grounds desirable, it is not the same for moles. You can expel moles from an area by sprinkling these substances at entrances leading to their holes or at any of their popular destinations.

Simple mole traps

Scissor traps, scarecrows, and gum traps are safer mechanical means to prevent and deal with moles. Place these traps at the entrance of any molehill you find. Also, ensure to check and reset the traps regularly.

Block all holes

Since moles live all their lives underground, they are most likely to be the owner of any hole you find around your lawns. You can seal off holes with gravel, concrete, and rocks. Though, most like to sprinkle other repellants before sealing the burrows.

Use natural pesticides

There are lots of natural pesticides you can get at the local store. These pesticides are safer for pets in the case of an accident. These pesticides will repel and drive moles away.